09.10.2012 / Piwik Log Analytics + Piwik Hosting = perfect Loganalytics!

Send your logfiles by Syslog and let them be analyzed by our hosted Piwik.

Piwik Log Analytics is too tricky to configure? You have no possibility to configure it on your system?

Just send us the logs through Syslog and let us configure and manage Piwik Log Analytics!

Piwik Log Analytics allows to analyze the regular webserver logfiles and to send the requests found to Piwik. This way you don't need any javascript tracking, you don't need to add any code to your page and you can still use most Piwik functionality.

All you need for that is a Piwik Hosting package and our offer for a syslog server with Piwik Log Analytics (contact us for it) for an additional 20,- Euro / month (incl. VAT).

Most of the webservers support logging via Syslog through either extensions or have it directly built in.

For example for the Apache webserver there are quite some pages on the web on how to configure syslog logging.

With Piwik Log Analytics you can automatically import multiple domains from the same logfile if you write the domainname also into the logfile.
Piwik Log Analytics can automatically determine the site id for the given domainname or create new sites for new domains.

An example is the demo of Piwik Log Analytics which is hosted by us and imports every night the NginX logfiles of the Piwik forums.


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