25.10.2012 / New Piwik Hosting Addon Packages available

Better Geolocalization, asynchronous tracking and webserver log import!

With the availability of Piwik 1.9.1 also our new Piwik Hosting Addon Packages are available.


Use our ProPackage to get more accurate Geo localization, ISP info by IP and asynchronous tracking!

The GeoIP Lite databases which are included in our regular hosting offers have just a reduced accuracy and some ip blocks, for example for some business dsl lines, are not included at all.

The commercial Maxmind databases which are used in this offer are 99.8% accurate on a country level, 90% accurate on a state level, 81% accurate on a city level for the US within a 40 kilometer radius!

Also the commercial GeoIP ISP database is included in this offer so that the ISP for an IP will be determined in Piwik.

This package uses our asynchronous Tracking. This tracking method writes all tracking requests into a file and returns immediately. The actualy tracking into the piwik database is done in the background. In this way the tracking and its database import are uncoupled to allow for far higher tracking performance and makes your tracking more fail proof.

Webserver Log Import

You don't want to embed a javascript code into your page or just want to analyze the existing access logs of your webserver?

Just use our Webserver Log Import with Piwik Log Analytics.

Requirement is just that the logfile can be downloaded daily be either ftp or http/https from your system. After downloading the file its being imported automatically and archiving is run so that the data is available through the piwik webinterface as soon as possible. You can also get an email after each import run.

As the log import is running for a while and nearly blocks one server during its run we can only offer this service as an addon package.

The price is for one logfile a day with at most 200,000 entries and its a monthly price. The restriction is also because of the performance requirements of the log import.




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