Software- and Websolutions

The company Mysnip-Solutions does PHP-Programming for software or web.

Installation of TYPO3 - The flexible professional content management system for each web project

  • Hosting - with every necessary update
  • Installation of TYPO3 Content Management System on your server
  • Configuration of web projects in TYPO3
  • Installation of extensions
  • Development of extensions for individual use
  • Training for editors and users
  • Individual preparation for certification test of the TYPO3 association

Phorum - secure forum software with many extras

  • Installation on your server
  • Migration of existing forums
  • Programming of new modules

Piwik - privacy-compliant web-statistic-software

  • Hosting offers for an unlimited number of domains
  • Packages: Basic, Medium or Large, depending on space and traffic

Additional offers:

  • PHP-Backend-Development
  • Homepages 
  • Keyword analysis and texting
  • System administration



New Piwik Hosting Addon Packages available

Better Geolocalization, asynchronous tracking and webserver log import!

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Piwik Log Analytics + Piwik Hosting = perfect Loganalytics!

Send your logfiles by Syslog and let them be analyzed by our hosted Piwik.

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High Performance Piwik Tracking available!

Up to 1 Million hits tracked per hour with sustainable high performance of the tracking calls itself!

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