TYPO3 Installation - fast and economical

You have an own server or webspace and want to realize a web project in TYPO3? We can do the installation for you!

TYPO3 - Installation - Blanc System without any template

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Unix/Linux, Windows or Mac OS
  • Webserver: Apache or another compatible webserver
  • PHP 5.3 or higher version
  • Database: MySQL
  • Main Memory: Minimum 256MB RAM, preferably more
  • Memory Requirement: 100MB (pure installation), preferably 5GB 

We will need FTP-Access or Access to the Control Panel. 

On request we install version 4.5 (Long Term Support), 4.6 or 4.7. 

Price: 150 Euro, payable with bank transfer or paypal. 

TYPO3 - Installation with Dummy-Template

for system requirements please look above

We install TYPO3 v4.5 or higher version with an example template, which you can use and change for your web project. Transmission or sale of this template are prohibited.

This offer will take place shortly. 

TYPO3 - Installation with your own template

for system requirements please look above

We install TYPO3 v4.5 or higher version, place your HTML/CSS template and make all functional things work. Because of greatly varying efford we will create individual offers. 


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