Phorum Development and Support

We are working and developing with Phorum code since 2001, where we got core developers of Phorum. Phorum-Software is the backbone of our forum hosting service which is used by thousands of users daily!

We would like to use our phorum core knowledge for your projects! Be it extensions for your existing community, the development of phorum templates, the integration of external services or all development in the phorum ecosystem - just contact us!

We also provide fixed price phorum updates and -upgrades, the development and/or installation of phorum extensions and a lot more!

Take a look at our Phorum Hosting offers.

Some of our development work in relation to Phorum can be found in the following list:

  1. - since 2010 we developed a couple of integrations and extensions for this site, like a "friends" system, a newsletter extension and lots of integrations on the separate homepage
  2. - since december 2010 we are hosting the support forum of that great statistics software which we are using also for our forum hosting service. In advance we migrationed the previous support forum data from IPB (Invision Power Board) to Phorum and a couple of modules, e.g. for spam handling a for deactivating external links, were developed.
  3. - in 2010 we created a Phorum template from a basic HTML template for that site, migrated the data from a previous Phorum3 installation into Phorum5 and developed a couple of Phorum extensions.
  4. - Since 2000 we are developing and running this forum hosting project. There are a lot of extensions included like a completely independend admin area for managing settings and layouts based on virtual roots, so that no full phorum instance is needed for each user. Internal partitioning to avoid huge tables was build by using Phorum's great and flexible API and a module to override global Phorum settings based on settings per virtual root.

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